King of thickshakes West marredpally Founded by M Ramalingeshwar

King of Thickshakes is fast growing food retail outlet chain in India which has successfully implemented QSB quick service business for customers at affordable prices. Founded by M Ramalingeshwar it promises to provide a quick food delivery service to customers with a wide range of tasty and delicious  thick shakes over the counter. It also deals with ice cream delivery for ice cream lovers.

Being a primary founder member M Ramu as known to all has 30 plus years of experience in Business Management. He successfully caters into Car decors business along with Catering & event management as being a Managing Partner in GMR Convention center Pantancheru.

He has incorporated and utilized his managing skills successfully in implementing business ideas and it clearly shows off the results when it comes to Food retail chain that has been founded under the umbrella King Of Thickshakes. His vast experience in Business management provides a clear cutting edge in the current scenario where in there is a lot o

f completion to strive and run a business in food retail chain as there are lot of scope and growth in this sector with different ideas and innovative thoughts to capture customers and satisfy their hunger. King Of Thickshakes brand provides a different and wide range of Thickshakes and Milkshakes which will clearly appeal to the customers and satisfy their taste buds.

The Thickshake categories offered are Nut shakes, Classic shakes, Slush, Fruit Shakes, Choco shakes, Cold Coffee shakes, Red Velvet shakes and Icecreams. All of these are premium shakes provided at best quality and offers. As part of growth this brand has successfully opened 5 branches till now from May 2018 till now and are located at Banjara Hills Road 11 & 14, West Marredpally, Nallagandla and planning to open in Gachibowli, Karmanghat and Sindhi Colony.


W Marredpally Rd, Boosareddy Guda, R K Nagar, West Marredpally is one of the best locations so far as it is near to colleges and hence  is a ideal location for attracting youngsters. Being near to schools and colleges and hospitals, it proves to be a lucrative location for this outlet. It is the second branch that opened successfully in June 2018. Interiors of this outlet is theme based and with lovely, eye catchy,  serene layout for customers to enjoy and relax a bit while sipping a delicious, energetic thickshake.

The ambience created by excellent interiors aptly supports customer satisfaction allowing them to feel it and come out with an experience which will be unique in its own way. The swings provided here allows to customer to sit back enjoy in most coolest way and sip through a delicious energetic shake. This outlet will clearly shows the Business management and representation experience held by Ramu sir, as it shows up in  the way location is selected and a clear cut through interiors provides a feasible customer attractive service which will be a plus point for this business in a long run. Being a huge residential area this outlet has lot of direct customers who throng for different sort of thick shakes and additional menu out her is the food menu. This outlet also provides offer to near by colleges and it does get a great response.

Food menu allows customers to taste hot French fries and Nuggets. Variations related to french fries will be salted French Fries, Peri Peri Fries, Lemon french Fries. Garlic Potato shots, cheese potato shots, Aloo tikki and KOT special Nuggets are also being served to customers at affordable prices.
Milkshakes and Thick shakes which are provided at this locations are listed below:
Cold Coffee, choco Coffee, Oreo Coffee, Caramel Coffee and Brownie coffee
Red Velvet shake  variants are listed below:
Raspberry Velvet, Blueberry Velvet, Blackcurrant Velvet, Classic red Velvet and Strawberry velvet.

Chilled Slushies and related offerings at this location are listed below:

Frozen Blue, Mint Mojito, Tropical Orange, Frozen Orange, Rose angel, Straw Melon, Pina colada, Green apple.
Nut shakes are always healthy and tastier always to go for and this location provides below varities:

Walnut Praline Nut shake, Roasted Almond Nut shake, Dry fruit Nut shake, Kesar Pista Nut shake, Fruit & Nut shake.

Fruit shake variants can be milkshakes or thick shakes:

Litchi Gold, Apple Berry, Pine blast, Kiwi energy, Banana berry and triple berry.
A wide range of Choco Shakes at this outlet makes it a favourite spot for milkshakes and thick shakes:
Choco Brownie, Choco snicker, Choco Roacher, Belgium dark Chocolate, Choco Almond, Choco lava, Choco Peanut Banana, Berry Choco Chips


W Marredpally Rd, Boosareddy Guda, R K Nagar, West Marredpally, Secunderabad, Telangana 500026


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